The “Roads to Sound Money” Book Release

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Images from the Roads to Sound Money book release held at the Capitol Hilton in D.C.:

Sound Money Project Co-Director Alex Chafuen introduces the Sound Money Project’s newest publication, a compilation of essays entitled Roads to Sound Money.

Cato Senior Fellow Gerry O’Driscoll discusses his chapter, “Toward a Global Monetary Order,” in which he states that the gold standard brings true order to the global monetary system.

Sean Fieler, Chairman of the American Principles Project, discusses “Money’s Muffled Message,” his chapter in Roads to Sound Money.

Dr. Richard Rahn, Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute, Chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth, and Atlas’ own Executive Vice President, Leonard Liggio take a break from fighting for liberty to mug for the camera.

Dr. Kurt Schuler, Economist in the Office of International Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, discusses his new book, “The Bretton Woods Transcripts,” with retired businessman and friend of Atlas, Gordon Johnson.

Sean Fieler and Dr. O’Driscoll ponder a move forward to sound money in America.

Atlas’ President Brad Lips enjoys a beverage with Allegra Hewell, Director of Development for the American Principles Project; Atlas Chairman Dan Grossman; and Romulo Lopez, Director of Business Operations at Atlas.

Atlas’ Director of Business Operations, Romulo Lopez, with Atlas Senior Fellow Bill Dennis.

Atlas’ Video Fellow Erin Wildermuth, Office Manager Paolo Angelini, and Sound Money Project Co-Director Alex Chafuen enjoy some refreshments.

Atlas’ Communications Associate Jackie LaFrance takes a break from the action.

Atlas’ Director of Outreach Stephanie Giovanetti, and Atlas Chairman Dan Grossman.

Atlas’ Development Manager Kelly Ream, and Marketing and Communications Manager Abby Albright.

Atlas Operations Manager Kristina Crane.

Atlas’ Program Executive, Gonzalo Schwarz, and Intern Harry Kalsted.


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